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Black Square Car Diffuser

 Car Diffuser – Capsule Diffuser Black Square

These are great to use as a car diffuser or with any type of air vent.  The hanging diffusers are simple, yet effective. Filled with a liquid perfume, these car air fresheners clip onto the folds of a car’s air vent. As the air passes over and through the diffuser, it draws molecules from the liquid up and out of the device. The amount of time these last depends on how frequently they are exposed to moving air from the air vents. Warm air also causes them to get used up much faster.

Car Diffuser Instructions: Remove the wood/cork lid and plastic plug and fill with scented diffuser base as required. Replace the lid on the bottle and ensure it’s on tight.  Turn the bottle upside down several times until the wood/cork lid is soaked. The scented diffuser emits from the soaked wood/cork top. 

Available in 15 fragrances 

Dimensions: 25mm (w) x 65mm (h) 

Clip Dimensions: 28mm (w) x 12mm (h)

Capacity: 10ml

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