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    Bergamot Essential Oil

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    Fruity, spicy & Citrusy Stress Soother for the mind & body.
    Bergamot Essential oil is extracted from the rind of the Bergamot Orange which is grown in Lombardy Italy. It is prized for its Fruity, spicy, and citrus-sweet Bouquet. It is known for alleviating stress and helps with emotional balance while providing purifying and Cleansing Benefits.



    Botanical name: Citrus aurantium var. bergamia (bergamot) oil

    Country of Origin: Italy

    Scent: Bright, sweet, and citrusy

    Size: 10 ml


    - Calming

    - Uplifting

    - Reduces Cholesterol

    -Depression Relief

    - Great for Acne & Combination Skin

    - Balancing

    How to use: Bergamot is used in a number of ways. Aromatherapy is one of the common ways as it can easily be combined with other essential oils or on its own. Can also be added to carrier oils for external skin use.

    - Diffuser: Add 6-8 drops of Bergamot essential oil to a diffuser to help with depression, fatigue, mood swings, low sexual performance, and feelings of helplessness.

    - Quick fix: A few deep inhalations from the bottle can help when you are at work, in the car, or anytime you need a quick break.

    - Spray: Add 6-8 drops to a water solution such as rose water and use it as prevention against lice.

    - Hair: Bergamot Oil can also be applied to the scalp to revive the hair bulbs and encourage hair growth. Add 2-3 drops of bergamot essential oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the mixture vigorously into the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes. Leave it overnight or rinse after an hour as per your choice

    - Shower: Add 2-3 drops to the corner of the shower and enjoy the benefits of steam inhalation.

    - Bath: Add up to 5 drops in a dispersant such as oil, to the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere while nourishing your skin.

    - Headache Relief: Mix 4 drops with 10mL of carrier oil for massage and apply to temples and neck.

    - Hand or foot bath: Add 2 drops to a bowl of water.

    Can be blended with other essential oils such as Lavender, frankincense, Mandarin, Clary Sage, Vetiver, and Ylang Ylang.

    Warning: Bergamot essential oil is considered photo-toxic, avoid sun exposure after applying to skin.

    For external use only. Dilute before use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. These safety guidelines are not a complete safety reference for the proper use of essential oils. When in doubt, consult your physician and/or a qualified and trained aromatherapy practitioner

    Essential oils are considered too strong for use on babies’ skin (0-24 months) and can be overwhelming on their developing systems. When using in a diffuser, use fewer drops than that for an adult (eg. 2-3 drops).  

    Use this oil with caution around pets, never use it topically and store bottles out of reach.

    Store below 30°C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

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