Our Story

EcoScential is an Australian owned business run by Jacquie Scholtens and her fabulous team who are equally dedicated to providing amazing eco-friendly products. Jacquie is an entrepreneur and mum of two beautiful daughters, she is passionate about providing eco friendly products that are both pleasing to the senses and easy to use. Since its creation in 2020 EcoScentials number of happy repeat customers has continued to grow.  Our amazing range of cleaning and home fragrances tick all boxes.  

"I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and was struggling to find a job that coincided with my family commitments, so I decided to make my own work, I printed off some flyers offering my cleaning services and hit the pavement delivering them into mailboxes in my local area, from this I gained some regular clients. Through word of mouth my cliental continued to grow to the point that I needed to hire extra cleaners to help me. It was through cleaning that I realised that there was a real need for a good eco-friendly range of cleaning products, I could not find anything that suited my needs, so I created my own range of amazing cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, I began using these products in my business and the clients loved them. I slowly started to market the product and expanded my range, my business continued to grow from there and I now have a thriving Company with over 40 staff on the payroll. I am immensely proud to be a successful Australian businesswoman"