Feb Markets

Red Hill Market 03.02.24
Yarra Glen Market 04.02.24
Knox ozone Market 10.02.24
Mornington Market 11.02.24
Emu plains Market 17.02.24
Little Beauty Market 24.02.24

EcoScential Warehouse - 29 Optic way Carrum downs Mon - Thursday 9 -5pm Fridays 9-3pm

Shop Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

We only have one planet which is why we need to look after it. EcoScential is a way of giving back to our planet and reducing the use of harmful chemicals that pollute our air and waterways. Our cleaning products are bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, safe for your family, are powerful cleaners and kills 99.9% of germs.

Going green is easy and it starts at home.  

Shop Home Essentials

Let us put a smile on your face with our beautiful range of must have Home Essentials. Our Room sprays, Soy Candles and Diffusers will omit any nasty odours that are lingering around your home or office. The after aroma will have your senses buzzing with joy.

Our matching Hand washes will have you continuously smelling your hands also keeping your, hands 99.9% germ free.

These beautiful products will give you the best smelling house in the Neighbourhood.

Shop By Bundles

Save yourself 15% when purchasing our products in one of our Bundles. This is the perfect way to get your hands on our amazing chemical free, eco-friendly products.

You can choose from our home essentials range and eco-friendly cleaning products range. We even have gift packs for that someone special to you.

Their is no need to hide these litlle beautys away. You will want to display them for everyone to see.

I’ve used many essential oils and ecoscential are by the far the best ones ever! I have even recommended them to a few people because they keep complimenting the smell in my home and on myself. Marshmallow musk is my absolute favourite. Shipping is really quick as well. I love my oils thank you!

Cheryl Greenway

March 2023

Brought Persian lime & lemon grass and Australian bush defuser fragrance oils today and omg my house never smelt sooo good 👍 got a thank you note in the bag but honestly, it’s me that should be thanking you ecoscential. So thankyou!!! 😁

Amy Pappas

15 JUNE 2021 14:42

I love these pods. I bought two, one for my bedside table and one for my walkin wardrobe. They use very little oil but make the area smell devine. They also look very cute


Anna Fulop

15 AUG 2021, 14:42