Fragrance Oils FAQ

Fragrance Oils

What are fragrance oils?

Fragrance oils are compounds that contain a fragrance that appeals to the senses. Fragrance oils are artificially created aromatic compounds that are primarily used for scenting various products. They are used to add scent or aroma to a wide variety of products, such as candles and soaps and can be used in ultrasonic diffusers, and oil burners. Typically made up of a mixture of various aroma chemicals, essential oils, and carrier oils, fragrance oils are affordable and can also provide a consistent scent profile. Unlike essential oils, which are derived from natural plant materials, fragrance oils are created in a laboratory and are designed to mimic the aroma of natural scents or create entirely new fragrances.

EcoScential, a company based in Australia, provides a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products along with an extensive collection of home fragrances and strongly scented soy candles. We have a variety of fragrance oils, such as Persian lime, lemongrass, Japanese honeysuckle, marshmallow musk, and frangipani, among others, each with its own unique smell.

Our fragrance oils are highly sought-after, making them popular for aromatherapy purposes. The distinctive blend of active components determines its particular usage, whether it is for uplifting your mood or calming your mind.

What are fragrance oils used for?

EcoScential provides an extensive selection of fragrance oils tailored to match your olfactory preferences and senses. Below are outlined some of the advantages associated with using fragrance oils.

We offer a broad range of fragrance oils at EcoScential that cater to your olfactory preferences and provide various benefits. Our fragrance oils are known to uplift moods and invigorate senses with their captivating and delightful fragrances, which can help alleviate fatigue and restlessness. They serve as an excellent remedy for low energy and low moods.

In addition, our aromatic fragrance oils are highly effective as room fresheners, eliminating bad odours and pests such as insects, fleas, and bugs from your living spaces.

Furthermore, to create a pleasant and soothing fragrance in your rooms, you can use our fragrance oils that are compatible with humidifiers and oil burners. These oils emit a warm and comforting scent that will help you relax your body and create a cosy atmosphere, especially during cold and chilly weather.

Which are the best fragrance oils?

Choosing the perfect fragrance oil can be daunting with the abundance of options available in Australia. To help you make an informed decision, below are some of the best fragrance oils and their distinctive characteristics.

Persian Lime and Lemongrass: Natural, fresh citrus scent with a soft floral undertone.
Lychee & Peony: Fruity-floral fragrance.
Australian Bush: Light and refreshing scent.
Black Orchid & Ginger: Floral and spicy.
Coconut & Lime: Fresh and zesty.

Our fragrance oils are available in 20 ml Amber droplet bottles.

Why choose EcoScential fragrance oils?

There are several reasons to buy fragrance oils online:

  • Purity: We strictly adhere to the highest standards of purity and quality, using only the finest and purest ingredients in their production. Our fragrance oils are free of impurities and contain no harmful or hazardous ingredients. They are 100% concentrated and not diluted, delivering effective results.
  • Beneficial: Our fragrance oils are not only aromatic but also effective in addressing various mental discomforts. They help balance emotions, enhance concentration, and aid in resolving sleep issues.
  • Wide range: We offer a wide variety of fragrance oils to meet your needs, each with a distinct aroma ranging from floral to fruity to musky and other categories of fragrances. These home fragrances serve multiple purposes and provide a broad range of aromatic scents.
  • Cost-effective prices: We offer premium-grade fragrance oils at the most affordable prices, making them accessible for both personal and commercial purposes. You can easily order fragrance oils from our website at budget-friendly rates, without compromising on quality.

Buy fragrance oils from EcoScential

At EcoScential, we believe that incorporating fragrance oils into your daily routine can significantly improve your overall wellness, as they provide a natural way to promote emotional healing and relaxation. Many of our fragrances are formulated with essential oils to enhance their therapeutic properties.

We offer a diverse selection of fragrance oils, which you can conveniently browse on our website and order online. To learn more about our fragrance oils in Australia or have any questions, please fill out our online form to reach us.