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    Rainbow Blooms Hanging Car Diffusers $15.00 no oil $27.95 with oil

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    Blue Hawaii
    Island kisses
    Malibu girl
    Beach view
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    Rainbow Blooms Hanging Car Diffusers


    Introducing our exquisite Rainbow Blooms Collection – Elevate your driving experience with our vibrant and luxurious hanging car diffusers. Immerse yourself in the choice of 15 different fragrances with 5 unique design, adorned with blossoms and bursts of color, transforms your car into a haven of freshness. Crafted for those who appreciate both style and sensory delight, our diffusers not only add a touch of elegance but also infuse your car with captivating fragrances. Indulge in the luxury of a beautifully scented drive, making every journey an aromatic escape. Embrace the season with our Rainbow Blooms  Collection – where elegance meets fragrance, turning your car into a mobile sanctuary of sophistication.

    You will now be able to ditch the ugly mundane paper air fresheners, that last no longer than a few days. Your car and home will be the talk of the town. Our refillable, hanging glass air diffusers will have your car and home smelling AMAZING.  

    All you need to do is choose your favourite design, your fragrance option in which we have 15 fabulous fragrances to choose from. Then Hang your Diffuser bottle in your car, laundry, toilet, or cupboard and let the fragrance escape just like a Genie in the Bottle. 

    Please note* - The car diffuser will come with a 20ml bottle of fragrance oil if you choose to get it with a fragrance, which will give you 2.5 refills. The diffuser will come empty. 

    Colour Descriptions - based on first picture 

    1. Blue Hawaii 

    2. Island Kisses

    3. Sundown

    4. Malibu Girl

    5. Beach View    


    Diffuser without oil is $15.00 with a 20 mil bottle of oil $27.95(gives you 2.5 refills)

    You can choose a box for $5.00

    Lasts approx. 1 - 2 months if used correctly. Refill bottles are available for purchase separately.

    Car Diffuser Instructions: Remove the plastic Wood lid and plastic plug. Your diffuser comes with 20 ml fragrance bottle of your choice. If you choose no fragrance you can use your own from home. Replace the wood lid on the bottle, making sure it is tight. All you then need to do is wait for the bottle to do its work. It may take a few days for the oil to seep into the wood of the diffuser, but when it does you will be blown away. We suggest that you do not turn the bottle.

    Please also make sure that you constantly tighten the diffuser bottle as it can loosen with the motion of the car. 

    Dimensions: 25mm (w) x 65mm (h) 

    Capacity: 10ml

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